What is “The Gabby Diaries”?

It is a place where I’m tracking my habits, personal development, productivity, and creativity. A diary where I share my thoughts, my feelings, my systems, and my madness. “The Gabby Diaries” is where I can showcase my true self: an introvert who wants to live her life fearlessly with no regrets.

I want readers to celebrate their flaw and achievements when reading my posts. If someone is struggling in this thing called life, I want them to know that they’re not alone, and that they can come here to share their stories or their advice on different topics.

The mission of β€œThe Gabby Diaries” is to share my story about the trials and tribulations I’ve faced, and provide advice and inspiration for readers that need a push in whatever they’re pursuing.

So, get out your favorite pen and journal, and let’s write our stories together…

Topics to Focus On

OVERALL HEALTH: Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Forming healthy habits and sharing advice on living a healthier lifestyle.

CHRISTIAN LIVING: Spiritual growth, bible studying, meditation, learning to let in God’s love and know that He is a loving God that wants the best for you and more.

SELF-CARE & LOVE: Self Care & Self Love routines, products, journaling, body image, my season of singleness and learning to love yourself first.