Hello reader!

Welcome to “The Gabby Diaries.”

A blog where I talk about my personal experiences in life. From understanding how to manage my mental health, to taking my time each day, learning more about myself, and staying true to myself as a person.

I know, some of these things may seem a bit…heavy. Don’t worry, “The Gabby Diaries” is also where I share light-hearted content as well, like books I’m reading, my passion projects, and updates on my journey to balancing my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I’ll upload one post a day Monday through Saturday.

Now that I’ve covered the topics, feel free to pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, put on some tunes, and turn the page with me.

Happy Reading!

-Gabby from “The Gabby Diaries”

Topics to Focus On


Updates about my life, my interests for the year (books, podcasts, music, etc.). Sharing how things are changing in my environment and how I’m adapting.


Emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual health, learning to grow in my faith, working on my relationship with God, and how to live and maintain a healthier lifestyle.


My personal journey to learning how to love myself: body, mind, and soul, working on my personal growth, and understanding what works for me as far as self-care.