Good morning.

Happy Tuesday. Today I thought I’d talk to you about the topic of reading books. Earlier this month, I devoted myself to a challenge of reading one book for one month. Unfortunately, due to work, school, and other things going on in my life, I have yet to finish reading “Eat. Pray. Love.” That’s ok, I have the entire month of October to do just that.

Have you ever started reading a book, only to stop midway? Do you feel that your environment is causing issues when it comes to reading? Well, today’s post may be able to help you.

TRANSFORM YOUR SPACE: If you are like me, you have more than one bedroom in your living space right? You try to read books in your bedroom, but that results to curling under the covers and falling asleep. Turn one of your extra rooms into a reading room. This is where you can go to read books, have Quiet Time, journal, or just sit in silence. Create the atmosphere so it will inspire you to read.

CREATE A REASING NOOK: So you don’t have an extra room, but you do have a corner that you’ve been trying to figure out what to put in it. Find a comfy chair, a nice side table, a reading lamp, a cozy blanket. There you have it, you own little oasis to get lost in while reading a good book.

CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT: If you can’t transform a room or a nook in your home, then my last tip is to change your environment. Travel to your neighborhood library, go to your favorite coffee shop, call a friend and see if they want to grab a book and hangout somewhere new with you. Just saying, make it fun and make it work for you.

Well, I hope my tips helped you get started with reading. I’ll be back with more tips and tricks on reading books and creating a routine. Look out for another post.

I’ll check in with you all later!

Until next time…


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