Good morning.

We’re halfway through the work week.

Today’s post is inspired by a friend of mines.

After I got off of work yesterday, I had plans of working on one of my passion projects (be on the lookout for another blog post). Unfortunately, after working and brainstorming for half an hour, my stomach yet again had other plans for me, and I took things easy for the rest of the evening. Around seven, I left the front room after hearing the sound of my phone ringing. My friend Jared was calling me, so I grabbed my headphones, and resided in my bedroom. We talked about how things in our lives were going, and I mentioned how I wanted to work on transforming my other bedroom into my dream home office. But that I was waiting for the right time to work on it.

He told me that I could start working on it now. We talked for hours, with me leaving the conversation taking away the message that I needed to start living in the now. Jared helped me realize that night that I was playing things safe. If I continue to play things safe with my dream life, I’m never going to get where I want to be. I laid down in bed last night, smiling, because I felt like God was using Jared to talk to me. God sees that I’m trying, but maybe He’s showing me that I was wasting my life and playing it safe in everything, instead of taking a leap of faith and starting to live the life that I want.

This is where prayer comes in…

In my post yesterday (click here to read), I said I was giving God a year. That’s one way I’m giving Him a year. My prayer life hasn’t been great, I don’t pray every day like I should, and that’s why my stress flares up, I worry too much, I complain too much, I filled myself with so much negativity, that I wasn’t allowing positivity to come and override the negativity. It goes back to my other post, I’M ONLY A STUDENT, if I’m going to talk the talk, and I have to walk the walk. Yeah, I can read the Bible, but if I don’t take time to study it, and pray to God and ask Him to help me understand it so that I can receive guidance and apply those teachings to my life, how can I move forward in my spiritual walk? How can I move forward in my life?

Jared said that he had faith in God, and that he trusted in the process that everything will continue to fall into place in his life. If he can do that, and things are working out in his favor for his good, why can’t it do the same for me? If I put more faith and trust in God, than I do in the books I read or the podcasts I listen to, I know that everything in my life will fall into place, I have to stay consistent with it. If I’m consistent in blogging, I can be consistent in my faith walk. If I’m consistent in working out and eating right, I can be consistent in my faith walk. If I’m consistent in school, I can be consistent in my faith walk. I need to stop wasting my life, step out on faith, trust in God, and start living!
From now on, I’m giving God a year through:

• My Happiness
• My Quiet Time
• My Prayer Life

So, I thank God for placing friends like Jared in my life, friends that call you out when they see you off you’re A-game. But, they do it because they care. Thank you, Jared! I needed that. I’ll keep you all updated through this journey, and let me know your thoughts on this. I’d love to hear!
Ok you all, I have to go for now. Time to get the day started, but I will return with an excited blog post for you.

Until next time…


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