Good morning. ☀️

It is a peaceful Sunday morning here in the apartment. For today’s post, and since I’m talking about my mental health, I thought it would be a good idea to start this post off with a quote:

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Source: Five Mental Health Lessons We Can Learn From Martin Luther King Jr.

I know I’ve been away for a couple of days, but a lot has been happening over here. Let me update you all on my mental health.

Let’s go back to my last post. I decided that I would give God a year, a year of attention, a year of learning and discipline, a year of singleness, a year to be with Him and allow Him to change my life. If you haven’t read the post, click here to check it out. But, I’ve been dealing with some things for the past few weeks that finally made me say that I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Since March, my mental health has been going up and down, not severe, but I could tell when I had moments where my depression kicked in, and I didn’t do much about it until it was too late. For instance, I realize that when I get bored, and I feel lonely, that’s when I start to browse on Amazon, or UberEats and order myself something. Only problem is that with Amazon, I’ve accumulated too much stuff. Today revealed that to me, and I’m thankful for my Mom and my brother, Terrell coming over to help me out. I probably got rid of 50% of the items that were cluttering my bathroom, my kitchen, and my living room closet combined. And to top it off, my sink had a leak that I didn’t know about until I went searching for the glass cleaner, only to find two bowls filled with dirty water underneath the pipe. Don’t worry, they’re getting fixed, so I’ll be able to wash dishes normally in no time.

Mom could tell after we finished cleaning, that I was relieved and was able to function a little easier. I explained to her that I’ve been trying to clean the apartment room by room on my own today, but due to a migraine and upset stomach, my morning was off to, yet again, another rocky start so I rested for most of the morning. But thanks to everyone, I only need to focus on my room tomorrow, and I will take care of that after I finish my homework for classes tomorrow. I start my new class this week, and I end this class on Monday. Only a few months closer to graduation, I’m almost there.

Well, time for me to get into my GYST routine before I start the decluttering process again. I’ll check in with you all later on. Have a blessed Sunday you all.

Until next time…


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