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Hope everyone is relaxed on this lovely Wednesday. 

Tonight’s post was inspired after I found this in the midst of decluttering my room a few weekends ago. Lately on YouTube, I’ve come across numerous videos about creating and keeping a war binder. This weekend, I found my war binder, and after sitting down and reading through it, I thought it was time to do a little clean-up work and start fresh. I’ll show how you can create your own war binder as well.


First, let’s start with the definition of a war binder. There are so many definitions out there, but I really liked this one that I found from the author of My Beautiful Mess. “A war binder is a book, notebook, binder, or journal that you keep to use in prayer. It may contain your bible study, devotionals, prayer lists, inspirational quotes, bible memory verses, drawings and other artistic compositions, and any other thing you might want to add to it. The beauty of it is that it is very personal and yours to completely build” (Lentz, 2019).

To read more of the article, click here. I remember when I first started making my war binder, I was overwhelmed after seeing all the different ones on Pinterest (a great place to find inspiration, as well as Facebook if you need help). 


Here are the materials you’ll need to get started. If you are creating a War Binder, you are going to need:

  • A Binder
  • Dividers
  • Notebook Paper
  • Stickers
  • A Folder

If you are creating a Prayer Journal, you’re going to need:

  • A notebook, a bullet journal- any kind of notebook to your liking
  • Book tabs or post it tabs
  • Stickers


So, I created my War Binder back in 2018. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep in a place where I would see it and use it every day so it was collecting dust. Again, I’m still learning on my faith walk. I’m a writer, so I keep more journals than anything. But for my War Binder, I created so many sections that it overwhelmed me, and I think that’s the reason why I didn’t use it (that and I left it in the living room instead of my bedroom- it was hidden). Since I found it, I decided to take action and start using a War Binder during my Faith Walk. If you’re like me and are new to creating a War Binder or Prayer Journal, here are the sections that I’m using to help give you some inspiration:

  • SCRIPTURES– These can be scriptures that really touch your heart. These can be scriptures that you’re memorizing, or (and you’ve seen these on Pinterest), scriptures that you’re reading for a Bible Study plan. For me, that’s one of the things that I struggle with is reading scripture and understanding the meanings behind them and memorizing them. If you want to keep a tracker of scriptures you’ve read and memorize, you can create a tracker to help keep yourself accountable and make it fun!
  • PRAISE & WORSHIP– I watched a YouTube video (there are a bunch out there) and a young lady added this section in her War Binder. When I went through my binder, I flipped through my pages, and realized I didn’t have that section. But I do this when I wake up (at least I try to- just being honest). This is important because it’s way for us to start our day on the right foot with God and allowing Him to spend time with us. 
  • PRAYER– I wrote out my prayer list, and past prayers from earlier last year. I smiled because that was one section that I had almost filled in the binder. But this is another area in my life that I struggle with as well. For my prayer section, I have my prayer list, but I’ll also add both the Serenity and the Lord’s prayer. I remember hearing someone talking about it a while back that they added these to their prayer sections in their Prayer Journals to help them learn to pray more. You can add prayer for individuals or certain situations. Write down the date you wrote the request, and when God answer the prayer, write down the date He answered and reflect over that prayer. There have been times I’ll pray over situations or people, and God answered my prayers, but I forget to go back and reflect over those situations. Now, I want to always remember all the times that God has come through for me and the ones around me. 

Here are some more ideas if you want to add more sections. I just picked three for anyone that was starting off and didn’t know where to start. I also picked these three for me because I wanted to take my War Binder more seriously and felt that these were great places to start on my journey. Here are a few more sections you can add to your War Binder/Prayer Journal:

  • God’s Promises
  • Affirmations
  • Sermon Notes- I was going to add this one, but I keep a separate notebook for my sermon notes and when I have Bible Study in the Bible App
  • Journal
  • Bible Study
  • Reflection
  • Gratitude

Ok, there you have it. I hope you all are inspired to start your War Binder or Prayer Journal. If you already have one, share with me some of the things you record in it daily. Let me know if tonight’s post was helpful. If so, leave a comment down below. I’ll keep you all posted on how my War Binder is going. I’ll be back tomorrow to check in with you all.

Until next time…


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