Good morning. For the past few days, I’ve struggled with balancing my health: mind, body, and soul. Then I remember reading a quote somewhere that said this: “How do you expect for your overall health to be in balance if more than one aspect is out of balance?” I took time to reflect on thatContinue reading “THE BALANCE OF THREE”


Good morning. How is everyone doing? So, I have done it again, I have slacked on blogging last week. However, it was a hectic week for me, with school. The good news, I wrapped up my previous class. I’m awaiting my final grade, which will be a passing grade. The bad news, I didn’t manageContinue reading “MONTHLY REFLECTIONS: OCTOBER 2020”


Good evening. How are you doing? Hope everyone is enjoying their evening and had fun yesterday with World Mental Health Day. My week has been great. Class is still fun, however I was shocked to find that my teacher didn’t give me a critical thinking question during my discussion post for this week. Also, I’mContinue reading “A DAY IN THE LIFE- UPDATE”


Hey everyone. I’m back with another post. This time, I wanted to talk about my habit tracker. So the last time I talked about tracking habits, I was using the app Fabulous. Unfortunately, I decided to uninstall the app off my phone because I found myself not using more than I should have. But, IContinue reading “MY NOTION HABIT TRACKER”


Good morning. We’re back to Friday, and it’s a little bit of cloudy start here in St. Louis, MO. But that’s ok, it’s still going to be a beautiful day. Today’s post is going to be an update on my mental health. So rewind back to my doctor’s visit on September 24th. If you’re newContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH UPDATE”


Good morning. I’m back after being away for four days. I spent the weekend at Mom’s again, due to having to do laundry, and spending some time with her and my niece, Haley. Yesterday was a bit of a rocky start. Woke up, and my stomach decided to plan my morning out for me. 😖😣🤤🤢.Continue reading “A BLESSING IN DISGUISE”


Good afternoon Hope everyone is enjoying themselves on this lovely Hump Day! Just thought I share with you something I’ve been dealing with that ties in with my mental health and I also thought it would make a helpful blog post. As you all know, I announced that I started a weight loss series onContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH & THE COMPARISON GAME”


Hi everyone! So Road to 200 in August was a bit of a rocky start. But, it’s ok, I’ve took away some things that can help me improve for the month of September. Here is what I learned for the month of August. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU– In the past, learning that I developedContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- PLANS FOR SEPTEMBER”

ROAD TO 200- DAY 6

Good morning The update you’ve all been waiting for. After hours of wrapping up assignments for Week 05 and starting on assignments for my new class, I was able to fit in 20 minutes of Walk Away The Pounds. Unfortunately, I did not put my Fitbit back on after washing dishes earlier that day, whichContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- DAY 6”


Good morning So I just wanted to share what I learned during my first week of working out: PROS- more motivated, more energy, better sleep, improved mood, more water intake CONS- eating habits were not 💯 and I did not complete a full week 😤😤😤 Hey, you live and your learn right? It was theContinue reading “WEEK 01 REFLECTIONS”


Good evening So, recapping the last week. I completed four out of six days of working out. Today was my original rest day, but due to being sick and last night’s storm, today was a MAJOR recharge day. I slept until 10 and Mom came over. Turns out, we’ve been suffering from sinus headaches thisContinue reading “DAY IN THE LIFE- UPDATE”

ROAD TO 200- DAY 4

Hey everyone Hope you all are enjoying this lovely Thursday evening. Just stopping by to announced that Day 4 is complete. 😊 Another day of the 30 minute Walk Away The Pounds video. This time, my energy level was maybe at 80 percent, which is not bad. But you know how you feel energized oneContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- DAY 4”