Good morning So for the year 2020, one of my goals was to read more books. I decided to do a reading challenge for the month of September. Since I’ve been reading yoga and learning about finding balance in my life, the first book I’m reading is “Eat. Pray. Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, IContinue reading “A BOOK FOR SEPTEMBER”


Good morning Woke up this morning and had my session with my therapist. Overall, I’m still growing and good news, we’re lowering the doses of my medicine so that’s motivated me to keep up with working out more, and living a healthier lifestyle. Another thing that motivated me to do my best is reading blogsContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH & THERAPY”


Good evening What can I say? Things have been….hectic. But, I’m hanging in there, and all with a smile. August has been a month of many things. The start of the month was important because August 4th was voting day. With everything going on in the world, it’s important for us to get out thereContinue reading “MONTHLY REFLECTIONS: AUG.2020”