Good morning. It’s another start to the work week. I know some of your are looking at the title of this post and are already scratching your head. But, let me explain. In Mid-September, I created my Monthly Predictions on what October was going to bring me. If you want to read that post, clickContinue reading “I’M GIVING GOD A YEAR”


Good morning. Happy Friday! I just took my second Trulicity pen treatment for the week. I called Mom and told her about my experience. So the first pen, it left me feeling sore due to injecting the solution in my thigh- NO GO FOR ME!!!! This round, I did the next injection in my bellyContinue reading “YOUR HEALTH AFFECTS OTHERS”


Good morning. We’re back to another work week, and like always, I want to start you off with a little inspiration. Today’s post is going to talk about what I learned during the month of September. We only have a few days left, and then we’ll roll right into October. Crazy, only a few monthsContinue reading “MONTHLY REFLECTIONS: SEPTEMBER 2020”


Good morning. We’re back to Monday. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mines was filled with the sounds of lo-fi music from ChillHop on YouTube, and spending time with Mom at her house. Today, I wanted to share with you what I learned during my Quiet Time today. This morning, the sermon from the Bible AppContinue reading “SURRENDER YOURSELF TO GOD”


Good morning Woke up this morning and had my session with my therapist. Overall, I’m still growing and good news, we’re lowering the doses of my medicine so that’s motivated me to keep up with working out more, and living a healthier lifestyle. Another thing that motivated me to do my best is reading blogsContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH & THERAPY”


Hi everyone! So Road to 200 in August was a bit of a rocky start. But, it’s ok, I’ve took away some things that can help me improve for the month of September. Here is what I learned for the month of August. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU– In the past, learning that I developedContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- PLANS FOR SEPTEMBER”

ROAD TO 200- WEEK 01

Good afternoon I’m here with an update on how the first week went for “Road to 200.” UPDATE: Week 01 complete!!! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ To start, I took time to sit down and write down my plan. I had a plan in the past, but it got ruined and I forgot to rewrite it. If I don’tContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- WEEK 01”


Good evening Just wanted to give you an update on how things have been in my life. Let’s start with health: I’m starting over on “Road to 200” due to things spiralling out of control due to stress, over-thinking, fear, laziness, and feeling overwhelmed… All of these things while keeping a smile on my face…Continue reading “A MUCH NEEDED DO-OVER”

ROAD TO 200- DAY 6

Good morning The update you’ve all been waiting for. After hours of wrapping up assignments for Week 05 and starting on assignments for my new class, I was able to fit in 20 minutes of Walk Away The Pounds. Unfortunately, I did not put my Fitbit back on after washing dishes earlier that day, whichContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- DAY 6”


Good morning So I just wanted to share what I learned during my first week of working out: PROS- more motivated, more energy, better sleep, improved mood, more water intake CONS- eating habits were not πŸ’― and I did not complete a full week 😀😀😀 Hey, you live and your learn right? It was theContinue reading “WEEK 01 REFLECTIONS”

ROAD TO 200- DAY 4

Hey everyone Hope you all are enjoying this lovely Thursday evening. Just stopping by to announced that Day 4 is complete. 😊 Another day of the 30 minute Walk Away The Pounds video. This time, my energy level was maybe at 80 percent, which is not bad. But you know how you feel energized oneContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- DAY 4”

ROAD TO 200- DAY 2

Good evening Another workout day in the books 😊 Woke up, and had all intentions of an early morning workout. But due to a rough night’s sleep, I slept in and decided to do another Walk Away The Pounds video after work. So I had a moment earlier today, where I felt like I hadContinue reading “ROAD TO 200- DAY 2”